How To Add Text In Capcut

How To Add Text In Capcut | Android and iPhone 2023

How To Add Text In Capcut? To add text to CapCut on Android and iPhone, here are the detailed steps you need to take the steps which will be quit helpful.

Method Of How to add text in CapCut on Android and iPhone

How To Add Text In Capcut? To add text to CapCut on Android and iPhone, here are the detailed steps you need to take

Step 1: Go to your Android or iPhone device and open the CapCut mod apk application. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Tap the “+” button to create a new project or open an existing one you want to edit. You can start with a blank canvas or use one of the templates.

Step 3: Tap on the “Text” icon from the editing toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This will open the text editor, where you can add and customize your text.

Text In Capcut

Step 4: Enter the text to add to your video in the text box. You can choose from various font styles, sizes, and colors to make your text stand out. You can also adjust the alignment of the text, add outlines or shadows, and adjust the opacity to create different effects.

Step 5: Once you are happy with your text, drag and drop it onto the desired location on the timeline. You can then adjust the duration of the text and add any transitions or effects to it. You can use fade-in and fade-out effects to make your text appear and disappear smoothly.

Unique Tips

  • Use animation effects: CapCut offers many different animation effects that you can add to your text, such as a slider effect, a zoom effect, or a spin effect. These effects will help you engage your readers more with your text.
  • Try out different font styles and colors: To get the best results, try experimenting with different font styles and colors, so you can find the one that works best for your video. Use only a few colors or fonts in your video, as this can make your video more straightforward and precise.
  • Make sure your text is concise: It is imperative to keep your text brief as you add text to your video. Try to use shorter paragraphs or sentences that your viewers can easily read.
  • Preview your video: Before exporting it, preview it to check that your text is legible and doesn’t overlap with other elements on the screen. You can also play around with the timing and positioning of your text to create a more polished video.


In CapCut, fonts are the different styles of text that you can use to add text to your videos. In CapCut, you can choose a wide range of fonts, including script, sans-serif, serif, and display fonts. You can select the font that best suits your project by browsing the available fonts and finding the font that works best for the video. They can be used to create different moods, styles, and themes.

CapCut, fonts


In CapCut, color refers to the different hues you can apply to your text. A wide range of pre-set colors are available, or you can customize your text with the color picker. Changing the color of your text can create contrast, highlight important details, or evoke a feeling in your audience. Changing the color of your text outline or the background can also create different effects. Colors can be used to create unique and eye-catching text for your videos.

CapCut, fonts


In CapCut, the “Stroke” effect allows you to add an outline or border around your text using the stroke effect. A stroke outline can be used to add a sense of contrast between your text and the background or to increase the visibility of your text against a busy or colorful background. The size and color of the stroke can also be adjusted to create the desired effect.


The “Background” effect in CapCut lets you add a background color or image behind your text using the “Background” effect. You can use this effect to contrast your text and your background or make your text stand out against a busy, colorful background. You can either use your image or select from various pre-set colors.


In CapCut, you can create depth and dimension by adding a shadow behind your text with the Shadow effect. You can adjust the shadow size, opacity, and angle to make the desired effect. You can create unique and eye-catching text for your videos by experimenting with different shadow settings. The color of the shadow can also be chosen to match your text or make a contrasting effect.


It refers to the space between letters or words in your text. You can adjust the distance between your letters or words in CapCut to create different effects and styles. For example, you can increase the spacing in your text to make text appear airier or decrease the spacing in your text to make your text appear more compact.

Bold Italic

The “Bold” and “Italic” formats in CapCut are two formats you can use to format your text. “Bold” is a style that makes the text appear thicker and more prominent, while “Italic” makes the text seem slanted or angled. These formatting options can be used to create emphasis or offer your reader variety.

Bold Italic


Hey there, this is an essential and fun guide to show you how to add text to CapCut on Android and iPhone devices. If you’d like to learn more about CapCut Mod APK, check out our recent articles about CapCut Mod APK.

Your videos will reflect individuality, including clear audio and stunning backdrop effects. Everything appears and contributes to a flawless video, regardless of how it is produced. In this post, you have just learned how to add text and make various effects such as animations, transitions, changing features, etc.


The process of adding text to CapCut is simple and quick:

  • Create a New Project and import video, audio, and pictures into the project when needed.
  • The Text icon can be found at the bottom of the toolbar.
  • The text can be typed in any way you like and adjusted in color, font, shadow, etc.

A free online tool for adding text to videos

In VEED, you can easily add text to your videos through an easy-to-use online video editor that is free. With just a few clicks, you can add text and change its font, color, style, and many other features. You simply upload the video, click the ‘Text’ tool, and add a title, a regular text, or the handwriting font.

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