How To Blur On Capcut

How To Blur On Capcut (Step-By-Step Guide)

Here we are going to discuss How To Blur On Capcut? There are three methods which will be very helpful for you.

Three Methods to Blur on Capcut

1: How to Blur an Entire Video in CapCut

Just follow the guidelines below to use the motion blur effect in CapCut mod apk to edit and How To Blur On Capcut? your entire video to create suspense among your audience by using the motion blur effect. 

How To Blur On Capcut (Step-By-Step Guide)

Step1: Install CapCut

When you want to blur a video in Capcut, you can first install Capcut on your device. After the installation, you can open Capcut and create a “New Project” on it. Once done, you can select the video you want to blur.  

Step 2: Choose Effects

After doing a new project and selecting a video, you can see the editing panel at the bottom of the screen and choose “Effect.” In which you find different effects, you can select one product and apply it on video.

Choose Effects

Step 3: Select the Blur Mode

During the blurred video, you can see two options on the screen “Video Effect” and “Body Effect.”You can select video effect, and after choosing the video effect here, you can see more classifications, for example, Party, D3D, Blink, Basic, Trading, etc. After that, you can click on “Basic” and find the option “Blur” you can select this option. 

Step 4:Adjust Blur Effect

Select the video you want to edit and select the “Effect” option from the bottom menu. After that, you choose “Blur” and use the slider to adjust the intensity of the blur effect, and dragging the edges allows you to adjust the shape’s size.

Adjust Blur Effect

2: How to Blur a Specific Region of The Video in Capcut

How To Blur On Capcut? We all strive for the perfect shot when we snap a photo or record video, but sometimes unlike things are captured during the recording process. The Capcut blur effect makes it easy to blur distracting elements so that the subject is not dulled. 

Step1: Overlay Your Video

To overlay your video in Capcut and blur a specific region, import it and place it on the timeline. Then add the blur effect to the desired section of the video. Next, add a video or image overlay by selecting the “Layer” option and dragging it onto the timeline. Adjust the opacity of the overlay as needed. 

Overlay Your Video

Step2: Blur The Overlay

To blur a specific video region in CapCut, add an overlay to the video and position it over the desired area. Then, select the overlay and click on the “Filter” option. From here, choose the blur filter and adjust the intensity to your liking. 

 Step3: Select The Blur Shapes

If you can select the main menu, then click on” Overlay” after that, you can choose any “Mask,” like the blur shape you can put on the object, and click apply to confirm your selection.

Step4: Adjust Blur Position and Size Modification

Select the video clip and go to the “Effect” tab, choose any blur, and apply it to the video. After that, adjust the blur effect size by dragging the slider, in which you can set the position according to the object.

3: How to Blur The Background of a Video in Capcut

Sometimes we walk to a beautiful place and take pictures and videos of the homes there. Blurring the background before sharing it on social media will be precious. Below we learn different methods to confuse the experience of a video for an image because it makes it very beautiful.

Background of a Video in Capcut

Step1: Install Capcut to Work for You

First, you can install CapCut from my website and click “New Project,” import the video clip you want to edit, then select the video and click the “Effect” tab. Apply gaussian blur to the footage From your phone’s gallery.

 Step2: Set Your Video Proportion

To blur the background of a video in Capcut, in which you first set a video’s aspect to the desired proportion then. You can use the “Background” feature and adjust the blur level to create a blurred background effect. 

Step3: Use Canva to Blur the Background

To use Canva to blur the background of a video, first, you can install “Canva” at the top options, then you can find an option “Blur” to click on this and blur any video from your phone’s gallery. So you can try different blurring styles.


The detailed steps below will teach you three distinct methods of How To Blur On Capcut? Use images using Capcut. In conclusion, How To Blur On Capcut is A simple process that can be achieved in a few easy steps. This app provides various options for blurring.

The level of How To Blur On Capcut? can also be adjusted according to your preferences. It is an easy-to-use app that features a variety of editing tools; therefore, it is an excellent choice for everyone. Capcut is user-friendly that offers a variety of editing tools. 


Here’s how to blur video online:

  • If you are using the editor, you can drag and drop your video file into the editor after you have uploaded it to VEED.
  • You can use the Box Blur or Pixelate and Blur effect to blur your video in the editor. Once you have clicked on your video in the editor, you can adjust the blur slider on the settings page.
  • You can download the file by clicking on the Export button.

A video-editing app can be used to blur the background of a video. For example, Kapwing, an online video editor, has a feature in its app in the Google Play store that automatically blurs the background of a video as it is being played.

Select the layer by going to the menu option Filter -> Blur -> Lens Blur. This will bring up the window for setting the lens blur. Note: Ensure the layer is selected and not the mask. As this is a filter, the effect is applied directly to the selected layer.

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