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How to Use CapCut Green Screen Latest Method 2023

“Green screen editing has become increasingly popular among video creators. If you’re interested in incorporating green screen effects into your videos but are unsure about how to use CapCut green screen feature, you’re in luck. This post provides a comprehensive guide on How to use CapCut Green Screen.”

There are two methods How to use CapCut Green Screen?

How to use CapCut Green Screen with the Chroma key?

Before using CapCut green screen feature, make sure you have a green screen overlay in your gallery. If you don’t have one yet, it’s easy to download copyright-free green screen material from websites like Pixabay. With this resource, you can create amazing green screen videos with ease.

Upload background

click on “New Project” and select the video as background you can also select more than one video clip and then go to the “Add” option.

Add green screen overlay

“To add a green screen background in CapCut, open the menu and select “Overlay”. From there, tap on the “Add Overlay” button and choose your desired green screen video to serve as the background.”

Add green screen overlay

Select the color you want to remove

“To remove the green screen background, choose your green screen video and locate the “Chroma key” button in the menu. Click on it to bring up a color picker, and select the green color or any other color you wish to remove.”

Remove Color

“To eliminate the selected color, open the menu and select “Intensity”. A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen; drag it until the green color disappears. You can also adjust shadows by using the “Shadow” button.”

Export video

“If you’re happy with the video, click on the checkmark to export it. You can now share the video on your preferred social media platforms.”

Export video

How to use CapCut Green Screen with Background Remover?

“Another way to use green screen on CapCut is by selecting the “Remove Background” option. This allows you to easily remove the background of any video. Follow the step-by-step guidelines below to use this method.”

Add Background clips

“To begin, open CapCut and click on “New Project”. Next, select the desired video clips and click on the “Add” button.”

Add Background clips

Choose the Green Screen Overlay

“Select the “Overlay” option from the menu, then click on “Add Overlay”. Choose the green screen video and click on “Add”.”

Choose the “Remove background” option

“After adding the green screen video clip, navigate to the bottom menu and select the “Remove Background” option to remove the background.”

Export the video 

“After making your final changes, export your video and enjoy using it on different platforms.”


To export your video, click on the checkmark button and choose the desired resolution and export options.

To remove the green screen background, select the “Remove Background” option from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

To add a green screen video to CapCut, select the “Overlay” option from the menu and click on “Add Overlay”. Choose the green screen video and click on “Add”.

Yes, you can adjust the intensity and shadows of the green screen video by using the “Intensity” and “Shadow” buttons in the menu.


In this blog post, you’ll find complete guidelines on How to use CapCut Green Screen using two different methods. The steps are easy to follow, so you can create special videos in no time. You can also get idea about Capcut Mod APK. Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and stay connected.

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